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Lines are drawn. Wands are at the ready. Everyone must choose a side. The fight to maintain the Statute of Secrecy is not just against Grindlewald and his followers, though. Muggle armies across Europe and Asia are stirring up more than dust and death. Creatures of all sorts are caught in the crossfire. From unicorns to dragons and bowtruckles to dementors. Someone has to dare the front lines to keep the unexplainable unseen. So if you have the moxie to wrangle poxies under enemy fire the Micky's are calling on you.

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Character Name

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Violet Cecilia Ashfield
Assistant to the Minister of Magic
Violet Cecilia Ashfield
Allied Forces
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Necessary Information

Blood Status
Violet's wand is a pale, austere thing, prim and straight and delicate.  Fatter at the handle, almost severe point at the tip, with no delineation between handle and wand shaft. Sturdy, though, and relatively swishy for a pine wand. A common wand length at 11'1/2" inches, partnered to a Phoenix feather core.
Assistant to the Minister of Magic


Hair Color
Eye Color


Violet is a petite thing, like a bird. A dancer's build, typists fingers, carriage of a lady trained in all the niceties of pureblood society. And the not so nice. Thin scars run in even stripes across her mid-back, pale lines against pale skin, unraised. Only ten, and easy enough to hide with clothes or simple charms. Aged, there's barely any way to tell the difference between scar and unblemished skin by touch alone.

Wispy hair kept at a stylish bob, Violet's youthful face belies the firm hand and sharp mind that has developed over an absolutely meteoric rise to her current position. A calm, controlled witch, full of grace and poise and very private. There's an air of mystery the follows Violet and her array of dove gray and pale lavender robes, a pretty face with eyes that cut as quick as any spell work.

Wizard's Workbook

Magical Apptitude
An decent duelist, Violet found her niche in nonverbal nuance and spell creation, although mundane activities may quickly turn into snippy hexes. She picked up an interest in the study of ancient Runes, although it has remained more a hobby of passion than profession. Rubbish at Divination and Herbology, Violet's only other skill of note is a good head for Arithmancy.


Loud. Attention seeking. Flaky. Violet is none of these things. Raised by a father who would never be blessed with a son, it was Violet who was instead saddled with the mantle of Ashfield scion, and the face of the family moving forward. Whatever raucous or wayward traits that may have grown in her were cut out at the root, leaving behind the woman that now sits behind the head of the ministry.

Firm, frequently unyielding, cool. These are more accurate descriptions of Violet. A nightshade, said with affection by sisters who were used to her putting an end to their attempts at adventure. An ice-bitch, said with less affection by coworkers who dislike her strict, no-nonsense approach to the ministry and her unwillingness to deal with bullshit. Violet believes in protocol and the law, although if there is anything she handles with ill grace it's the monumentous paperwork that the bureaucracy seems unwilling to shake. Violet herself will not write any form in triplicate by hand, as her belief in better efficiency for all is to simply copy-spell the form once it's done.

Outside of work, Violet prefers her solitude. Quiet is something she appreciates, coming from the Ashfield manor and working where she does. She is not one for many friends, but for the select group she chooses she is viciously loyal, almost greedy of them, and quick to hex or bind anyone who would attempt to harm one of 'her' people.


Mother -Emilie
Father - Lantanas
Younger Sister - Scilla
Younger Sister - Dhalia
Tiberius - Cat and closest confidant, the only one who lives with her.
The Ashfield family was a pureblood family without a pure house, split between Slytherin and Ravenclaw with long runs between both. It was Lantanas' sincere hope that Violet would set the precedent for another stint in Slytherin, as he and his brothers had been and his father before him.

But that was not the case. Violet, and each successive sister, placed quickly into Ravenclaw, although there would always be mutterings surrounding them that they were an edge too sly or sharp. A little too green, for all the silver might match.  

No such whispers followed her home. Her father's dissatisfaction was silent but palpable, and her mother, Slytherin herself, held her daughter's house in ill esteem. It was no hardship for her to keep silent at the cold and frequently unkind way that Lantanas treated Violet, sparing Scilla and Dhalia the brunt of his hand.

Trained as a son would have been, Violet's accomplishments in school became those that would couch her resume for a rise through the ranks at the Ministry that would shake more rumors from the trees. A head for numbers, good with subtle spells, able to hold her own in a duel, to twist something simple into something nasty on the fly. Sharp, quick, a snake among the birds nests. Better still when 'non-verbal talents' were tacked on, a mark of power. And if some read it as 'knows how to keep a secret', all the better for her.

Job secured out of Hogwarts by the begrudging, stiff hand of her father and no little bit of string pulling, it was only the door that Lantanas opened. From there it was Violet, shocked into an abrupt life of adulthood, a corporate world so different and so hectic in comparison to school. It was easy to fall into routine, to shut out the parts of her that felt abandoned even when she returned home to a house full of her sisters voices, the parts that still felt small, freshly sorted into a new brand of disappointment. Easy to follow orders, to copy this, write that, send those memos.

So she moved out, that first year. Quietly, as far as she could get while still feeling comfortable. A small place, alone. Furnished for the first time without her father leaning over her shoulder, guiding her hand. Took her time finding her feet at work, finding something to love in a job she hadn't really wanted. Hadn't been an Ashfield in the Ministry in a while, at least not so low in the body of the thing. Too busy being lucrative elsewhere, apparently.  

Maybe it didn't take much, in the end. It was awfully easy to first fit into her role and then expand beyond it, applying the ruthless, focused efficiency her father had drilled into her. Creeping like ice across a lake, thickening her hold until it was hard for her associates to remember a time that she hadn't been a ruthless, imperious force at the right hand the of the Minister. Impenetrable. Ice-bitch.

In Character

School House

Out of Character

Written By:
Played By
Carolina Porqueddu

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