It Is The Spring Of 1940
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Lines are drawn. Wands are at the ready. Everyone must choose a side. The fight to maintain the Statute of Secrecy is not just against Grindlewald and his followers, though. Muggle armies across Europe and Asia are stirring up more than dust and death. Creatures of all sorts are caught in the crossfire. From unicorns to dragons and bowtruckles to dementors. Someone has to dare the front lines to keep the unexplainable unseen. So if you have the moxie to wrangle poxies under enemy fire the Micky's are calling on you.

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Character Name

A few details about the want ad will go here. What character it is in relation to Fake Name. What plots or what group they are needed in. That sort of thing.

Fitz Fitzgerald
Fitz Fitzgerald
Allied Forces
Mar 02 2019, 05:03 PM
Mar 09 2019, 06:00 AM
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Necessary Information

Blood Status
Hawthorn and phoenix tail feather, 11 & 1/4 inches, flexible but unbending.
Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures - Mickey


Hair Color
Eye Color


Stocky, despite his height, Fitz is broad through the shoulder with strong arms and a barrel of a chest. His hands are mostly knuckle with blunt fingers, worn down nails and plenty of scars.

His hair is a red that is almost brown, and Fitz will swear it is the later.  He wears it close cut at the sides and carefully styled when not covered by a cap. He has passable muggle fashion sense, but always wears a tie with a button up - though he only rarely ties it.

Prone to scowling and grunting.

Wizard's Workbook

Magical Apptitude
Charms and combative magic are right up Fitz's alley. Please do not request any: herbology, kitchen work (magical and non), potions, transfiguration, non-verbal spellcasting (he's a shouter).


Fitz is hard headed. Half a bull, his brother always teased. He is very set in his way of thinking and not interested in listen to anyone elses anymore. Once swayed by his brother, Fitz has put a stop to such foolishness - sure that caving to what Francis wanted had a role in his death. He is bitter about the loss of his brother. Still caught in the fog of grief, though he seems much the same as ever.

Except for being less prone to fun. Where once he and his sibling sought out trouble, Fitz now actively avoids. He is more keep to keep an eye out for danger than to rush in heedlessly. It has made him some what of a bully. Grabbing younger members by their shirt necks and dragging them back behind the lines. He is sure nothing is worth anymore lives of his teammates. Though he refuses to call any of them friends.


Thodeoric - father
Virginia - mother
Francis - young brother (deceased)
Primrose - younger sister
His mother came from America, or more specifically, Ilvermorny. A witch of some repute (some of it ill), she had a scandalous romance with their father before settling down to marriage in the Dutch countryside.

Poor Primrose was left out of the family naming scheme because no girl's name starting with F could be agreed upon between Thodeoric and Virginia. It created a faction between the siblings more than gender ever did. The boys were closer, often leaving their little sister out of adventures, the "no girls allowed" sign replaced by "F's only".

Thick as thieves. They got into plenty of trouble, and probably would have only fallen into worse if they'd attended a school away from home, but there was none close by so they were home schooled as many other wizarding children were - and missed out on a great deal. Though this was probably for the best.

Relocation in their teen years brought the family to England, with a bit of back and forthing to some family in Ireland. Virginia took up work in the Ministry and a tutor was brought in to finish the children's education despite Hogwarts being a viable option in proximity.  It seemed foolish to the family to try and adjust the children to schooling outside of the home so late in the game. The boys were nearly done anyway and Primrose couldn't be sent on her own. Fitz reckons it was because she was (and still is) just a girl.

Fitz took up work in the Ministry as well. Starting first as a shop boy on Diagon Alley and then as a lackey in the Ministry halls before moving on to the Department of Mysteries. Francis went right away into the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, being quite taken with animals (he brought them home by the dozens as a child). He eventually swayed Fitz into joining him and they were quickly recruited into the ranks of the Mickeys as the war broke out and cases of animal mayhem rose.

It was, in the end, a bad decision, as Francis ended up skewered on the end of an Erumpent's horn.

While remaining part of the Mickeys to do honor to his brother, Fitz is not so sure he cares much anymore if the world's magical creatures live or die.

In Character

School House

Out of Character

Written By:
Played By
Finn Cole

Administration Frustrations

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