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Lines are drawn. Wands are at the ready. Everyone must choose a side. The fight to maintain the Statute of Secrecy is not just against Grindlewald and his followers, though. Muggle armies across Europe and Asia are stirring up more than dust and death. Creatures of all sorts are caught in the crossfire. From unicorns to dragons and bowtruckles to dementors. Someone has to dare the front lines to keep the unexplainable unseen. So if you have the moxie to wrangle poxies under enemy fire the Micky's are calling on you.

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Character Name

A few details about the want ad will go here. What character it is in relation to Fake Name. What plots or what group they are needed in. That sort of thing.

Enoch Atwater-Hop
Head of Defense
Enoch Atwater-Hop
Mar 16 2019, 07:01 AM
Apr 14 2019, 04:59 PM
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Necessary Information

Blood Status
Cherry wood and phoenix feather. Twelve and one -quarter inches long.  Surprisingly sturdy.
Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement


Hair Color
Eye Color


Unassuming in his height, Enoch rarely uses it to intimidate without meaning to. The ease set of his shoulders and often genial cast to his face make him appear approachable and much less tall than he is.

Wizard's Workbook

Magical Apptitude
As Head of Defense, it is unsurprising that Enoch has an adept hand at defensive magic. He manages the usual charms and curses well also. He is a clever spell caster, adept at silent casting and inventive mixtures. Such stoic, clever casting often covers up the fact that plenty of small spells escape his capabilities. The little spells that make life easier. Unlocking doors. Fixing cracked mugs. He is very much a battle wizard.


Enoch is quick with a tide turning joke. He has a way of speaking that is moderate but thought provoking. He does not view his cause or his ideals as battering rams to be used to break down out dated ways. That sort of brashness rarely did good. He wants people to think! To listen! Not to cave beneath a heavy hand. Heíd much rather they come around to his way on their own. With just a bit of pushing by questions he sticks in their heads.

Reserved, he is kind without be exactly friendly. A nameless something you canít put your name on that keeps you from quite labeling a pal or a buddy. Approachable but impregnantable. Enoch does not much talk about himself as he does about his visions.


Maddox - Father - Wizard
Henrietta - Mother - Squib
Enoch grew up on the wrong side of the tracks - and the law. His parents were schemers and charlatans. Henrietta was born to a long standing wizarding family. She was, in fact, a kink in the chain. A blemish in good blood. But she was clever. Oh so very clever. She studied magic like a child possessing a wand. The history, the technique. You would never guess she was a squib if there was no demonstration of ability required.

And years later, that didnít matter either. Maddox was the sort of caster who hardly needed a wand. A subtle swish and flick and not even a pursing of the lips. Together they devised a scheme. Snake oils salesmen. Except they were selling a cure for magiclessness. Just look at Henrietta!  She was the proof! Casting spell with a discarded wand on street corners until the galleons were pouring in.

She even started a school. Correspondences courses, because they had to keep moving so they werenít found out. Because of course it was Maddoxís wizarding behind her feats. And her busy mind behind the scheme.

So were Enochís early years. He was born with magic in his eyes and a new scene every fortnight. His mother had a brilliant mind. Adaptive and clear thinking. But the world had been unkind to her, so she showed it no kindness in return. Maddox simply enjoyed the game, and love of a smart woman.

Enoch didnít take to it as well. When his Hogwarts letter managed to find him he spent three months begging to go. He made charts and did presentations. He didnít want to run! He wanted to learn in the same place. And knowledge was power, his mother said so.

Eventually they relented and Enoch got to see the other side of the wizarding world. He saw the ugliness that had shaped his mother, the ease that had melted his father. Experienced the injustice of a world that couldnít keep pace. It never seemed to look ahead but always behind. Stumbling because the road wasnít smoothe.

There was a lot of room for improvement. To try and shape a wizarding community that didnít disparage Other as Lesser. One that could breed greatness rather than despair. To Enoch that meant getting into the Ministry. He had to be someone to do something. So he did. Studying hard. Spending less and less of his breaks with his parents as they grew harder and harder to find.

A junior auror to start. The ranks like a gently sloped ladder. Enoch climbed them with alacrity. Not only was he a good man to have at your back in a fight, but he was a good man with words. Passion without temper. He could incite without enraging and very rarely raged himself. And always in private.

As Head of Defense he had tried to modulate what he finds outrageous. There are laws and then there is restriction. He is fair at heart if not always in deed.

In Character

School House

Out of Character

Written By:
Played By
Marwan Kenzari
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