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Lines are drawn. Wands are at the ready. Everyone must choose a side. The fight to maintain the Statute of Secrecy is not just against Grindlewald and his followers, though. Muggle armies across Europe and Asia are stirring up more than dust and death. Creatures of all sorts are caught in the crossfire. From unicorns to dragons and bowtruckles to dementors. Someone has to dare the front lines to keep the unexplainable unseen. So if you have the moxie to wrangle poxies under enemy fire the Micky's are calling on you.

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Character Name

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Marigold Amelia Plum
runaway wife and general sassbucket healer
Marigold Amelia Plum
Allied Forces
Feb 23 2019, 05:51 PM
Feb 24 2019, 10:01 PM
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Necessary Information

Blood Status
Marigold's wand is of polished Alder wood with a fat handle and tapered tip. At just over 10 inches long, and possessing a core of Unicorn Hair, it is very swishy and extremely suited to non-verbal magic.


Hair Color
Eye Color


No one can deny that Marigold is a pretty creature. Far from a once in a lifetime beauty, but quite lovely all the same. She supposes herself to be attractive by all normal standards, at least. With a round face, good complexion and large green eyes she will never be the bell of the ball but has never wanted for a dance partner either. She has very finely textured hair of a rich almond brown color that contrasts her eyes nicely.

Her style of dress always favors the newest trends, though she does not often wear bright colors as others do. She prefers pastel shades, liking grays and creams best of all. She is rather short in stature, and therefore must be careful of her eating habits. It is much harder to walk the line between healthy and obese when one has less body to work with! She moves almost impishly, too quick and eager or so her height makes it seem. An expressive speaker her hands never seem to sit still while she is talking.

She has no remarkable features that anyone else will ever note. There is a small scar on her ankle from falling off the garden wall some years ago. And another hiding in her hairline earned back in her infancy, though she can no longer recall how it happened.

Most people agree that she presents a pretty picture, and find that rather disappointing since her childhood reputation of being a hellion would make much better gossip.

Wizard's Workbook

Magical Apptitude
From early childhood Marigold showed a penchant for magic of a healing nature. The introduction of education and a wand only increased her ability. She excels at charm work, and since leaving school has become quite skilled in non-verbal healing magic.

Sadly she is far less skilled in potions and transfiguration. The former a skill she has grudgingly given up hopes of mastering, as it would have been a serious advantage to her profession.


The most dominant aspect of Miss Plum's personality is her unbending willfulness. While it can occasionally be seen as a respectable determination, in most cases it is just galling stubbornness. From her earliest years she was a willful child, and her doting father's inability to discipline or say no only encourage that eager spark of defiance in her eyes. What Marigold sets her mind to, she usually gets.

In her short life Marigold has felt the keen sting of abuse, and learned more endearing traits. She is compassionate, deeply loyal, and generally eager to accept affection. This is all exacerbated an unhealthy dose of naivety. She is still very much learning the ways of the world. Up until now she has lived in story books, and viewed the world through rose colored classes. She assumes the best of everyone she meets, but that can quickly change. Even the slightest sign of unpleasantness will have her reeling away. She has been hurt, physically and emotionally, enough times to have learned to avoid it.

Overall Marigold is an emotionally reserved young woman that could blossom into a very loving creature. Her shyness is at odds with a strong desire to be accepted and cared about. She is quick to form attachments and seeks affection but takes a long time for real trust to set in. Once it does a more loyal companion could never be found.


Father- George Plum; Deceased
Mother- Dorcas Plum(nee Hawke); Deceased
Stepmother- Ester Plum(nee Ballard) ( age 30 )
Halfbrother- George Plum ( age 8 )
As he held his newborn daughter George Plum was the happiest man in the world. A pureblood of good standing he ran a potion emporium in the countryside near Cologne, Germany. His family was old, well known, and well respected. His wife young, pretty, and from good Polish pureblood lines. Yes. He had it all. For a few moments. Then in the course of a single afternoon George Plum went from a happy newlywed with everything he wanted to a widower. Despite the best efforts of local healers, his wife Dorcas died forty-fives minutes after birthing their first and only child. With only the tiny girl to be the subject of his affection, and feeling a need to compensate for the loss of her mother, Marigold grew to be a rather spoiled child.

Countless nursemaids, a governesses, and an unfortunate cook, were all dismissed from their service for their supposed 'ill treatment' of the little girl. In reality they had merely upset Mary by denying a whim or demand. The discharged staff did not go quietly, however. To save their own reputations they freely described the lack of discipline Mister George showed his child. Soon young Marigold had developed a rather displeasing reputation. Recounting rumors about her fits of rage and general bad manners were the perfect fodder for striking up small talk between new acquaintances. Mr. Plum found himself in a very dismal situation. He loved his daughter, perhaps too much, and wanted to please her. Pleasing her meant giving in to the strong willed and feisty creature. And giving in to her demands only made her worse, as well as blemished the family's long standing reputation.

The generally accepted solution offered by the know-it-all gossips was for George to take a wife. A stern, no nonsense woman that could lay down the rules and tame the wild child. Though some of that may have been started by witches of dubious blood hoping to marry into his lineage. On George's part he had no personal want of a new wife- a man was lucky if he found one pureblooded witch worth marrying, let alone loved her. Still, he knew there was no reason to prolong the necessary. There had to be an heir to the family name, after all. He chose for his bride an English witch. Ester Ballard, who genuinely wanted to love Marigold. Unfortunately, the little girl did not make herself easy to love. She resented this stepmother coming in and taking over the house. She disliked the new rules, and the fact that there were consequences when they were broken. Their relationship would never be a good one. Ester gave up on winning Mary's love far to soon, resorting to tough tactics and harsh punishments to stop the tantrums. Mary could hold a grudge like no other, and her resentment soon turned to hate.

While Mary learned, none to easily, to abide the rules of society, her father grew more and more distant from the family. The stressful state of his household was nothing compared to the world around them. Having survived the Great War he was no stranger to the signs of rising tension.  He began to leave on long business trips, often to foreign countries. It was unnecessary, in that the money was not needed, but he had hard time seeing his beloved daughter at such odds with his stern wife.  And there was quiet work to be done. Warnings to pass along. Allies to prepare. During one of his short stays at home he managed to produce that all too important son, who was named George Henry. This fresh addition to the family made the decision to send his children away all the easier. Long before their muggle countrymen began leaning towards anti-Semitic views, the wizarding community in Germany had shifted towards dangerous grounds. Grindelwald and his army were a real and ever present danger.

Before the little George's first birthday George Plum shipped his wife and both children off to England. As soon as they arrived Marigold began her schooling at Hogwarts. She was promptly sorted into Ravenclaw, where she felt for the first time, a proper sense of family. A year after the move word came that the emporium was burned to the ground and George Plum Senior had vanished. Though logic (and her friends) would insist Mr. Plum had been killed for refusing to openly take Grindelwald's side, Marigold would never quite come to terms with the loss of her father. She formed a childish daydream that if she went to Germany he would come out of hiding. The hope would come to grow so tangible in her heart that it consumed her very being. She threw herself into her studies preparing for the day she could go looking for her father. Even the passing of the years could not convince her he was long dead.

It was good, though, that Margiold had a passion to help escape her reality.  Each holiday and summer home grew more intolerable. Something in Ester changed with the birth of her own child, and her dislike of Marigold blossomed. She became cruel. Her rules became impossible not to break, since she often made them up when she noticed Marigold doing something that irritated her (which was quite often). The punishments for each infraction were harsh, and sometimes Mary was starved several days in a row, denied her wand weeks at a time, or made to kneel on dry rice for hours, for something as simple as humming too loudly or not entertaining her brother well enough.

Ester was not an intentionally cruel person, she could not explain why she was suddenly so easily frustrated with the girl. And she decided, the year Marigold left Hogwarts for a career at St. Mungo's, that it would be better for them both if the girl were no longer her responsibility. The easiest solution was to marry her off. As a pureblood, it should have been quite easy. But her foreign name and general shyness inspired little notice from any potential suitors. Growing impatient Ester took matters into her own hands. Her brother, Jarrow had a spare son that would do quite nicely. A quick letter to her nephew had him in agreement to meet Marigold. Ester made it clear that the girl had run out of options. She was to accept this proposal and marry the gentleman, or she would have to find her own way in life. With her father declared dead Ester had full control of the estate until her brother was an adult. She would have no monetary support or place to live to see her through her healer's training.

On a rather bleak January morning Marigold Plum took vows in a quick ceremony in the town of Carlisle's small chapel. Her new husband could have been a statue for the way his hard jaw was set. He was handsome, but looked quite cold. His eyes never met her face, and when he spoke to her was as if she were a pest. He did not ask her to dance, or speak at all really. As the celebratory party went on she felt her heart sinking lower in her chest. She convinced herself that this was akin to giving up on her father. Being married, settling into life as a wife was abandoning the dream of Germany, that long held hope that somewhere out there Papa was sill waiting to be found. If she were honest with herself, which she rarely was, she was nervous. He made her uncomfortable with his jaw clenched tight and a stony gaze, his almost mechanical movements were uninviting. He was, altogether, more intimidating than he was handsome. The thought of trusting her most sensitive and delicate places to someone that appeared so cold, maybe even dangerous... In an instant Marigold made a life changing decision. The changing of the dance provided enough of a distraction for her slip upstairs unnoticed. From her stepmother's private rooms she stole the bitch's entire purse then silently left the house.

The money was enough to secure a small apartment in Central London for a month. Now she just has to save enough pennies to buy a pinch of floo powder, or maybe even a broom.

In Character

School House
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Out of Character

Written By:
Played By
Dilan Gwyn

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