Operation: Bowtruckles & Bombs

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Title: Premise
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Dragons & wizards & muggles, oh my!

The year is 1940 & the stirring of discontent has become a roar across Europe. Prejudice & social suppression traverses the divide between Wizard & Muggle. Men & women of every walk find themselves forced to one side or another of the multilayered war where right & wrong are not as black & white as some might hope.

At the center are the frontlines. One filled with muggles putting their lives on the line for country or moral belief. Another that forces sibling against sibling as Grindlewald reaches the height of power in Europe. On both sides are those that want to protect themselves & others, both unwavering in their beliefs that their way is the best way. Some disillusioned to their leaders real ambitions. Some just hoping to survive.

Between them stand groups like the Mickeys. Wizards & witches enlisted by the International Confederation of Wizards, whose singular mission is to protect, & keep from detection, the magical creatures that find themselves in the way of the world’s armies.