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Title: Beginner's Guide
Post by: Merlin on Nov 25 2018, 09:13 AM
Welcome to Operation: Bowtruckles & Bombs! We are a Fantastic Beasts spinoff site, set in the 1940s. For the most part the site revolves around the Mickeys, also known as the Magical Interests Coalition. The Mickeys are a task force of daring witches & wizards out to save magical creatures; & the people endangered by them.

Secrecy is paramount! Now is not the time for Muggles & No-Majs to discover the Wizarding World!

We are a welcoming community of roleplayers from all walks of life & levels. We have no word counts & loose activity requirements. Please join us for a roaring good time, & a few bombs!

Can’t find the application board? That’s because we don’t have one! Here on O:B&B we use the Character Mod created by Arceus. It is a one stop shop for creating, submitting & managing all of your characters.

Once you register with your OOC Account the Aliases tab will become available. Simply select the tab & you will find a drop down housing all the character mod options. From here you canl create & edit character or npc accounts. To start, select Create New Character!

There are six sections in the character application: Standard, Basics, Appearance, Specifics, Extras & Images. All sections are pretty straight forward & self explanatory.

Once you have filled them out & uploaded your images (you may save your work in progress at any time with the save feature), you click the Ready for Review button & your character will be submitted to the staff for review & approval. You will receive a PM once the application is approved, & they will automatically become available in your ‘Post As’ dropdown.

To return to a work in progress, you once again click Aliases & select Character List. All your characters approved or not will appear here. You may edit, transfer, or delete them from this screen.

With the character mod there is no switching of accounts. You simply select a character to post from when posting from your member account.

You’ve finished your profile, selected ready for review, & then what? Easy. Please go to this thread - Ready for Review (http://www.operationbowtruckle.com/index.php?topic=22.0) - & post a reply letting the staff know it's been submitted. This double ensures prompt review of your character.

What can you expect after? A pretty easy ride, actually. A staff member will read your character profile & either automatically approve it, or send you a PM with anything that might be missing or in need of a quick edit.

After that you are free to create mayhem. Or plots, whichever floats your goat.

Operation: Bowtruckles & Bombs begins in the Spring of 1940, during the Second World War. Time will advance from there every OOC four months, following the seasons of the year. You can check the current period open for new threads in the infotable.

Threads not completed before time is rolled forward can still be completed. There are no deadlines to have threads wrapped to keep up with the timeline. We do, however, ask that you do not start new threads for the previous season.

Still have questions? PM a staff member or hit us up on discord!