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Lines are drawn. Wands are at the ready. Everyone must choose a side. The fight to maintain the Statute of Secrecy is not just against Grindlewald and his followers, though. Muggle armies across Europe and Asia are stirring up more than dust and death. Creatures of all sorts are caught in the crossfire. From unicorns to dragons and bowtruckles to dementors. Someone has to dare the front lines to keep the unexplainable unseen. So if you have the moxie to wrangle poxies under enemy fire the Micky's are calling on you.

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Germany / Re: No ballerinas here
« on: May 19 2019, 07:56 AM »
"Because its following behind us with intent to eat?" Fanny rejoined. Maybe not at that precise moment, but all it would take was one sour note, or a hiccup of magic, and it would be after them again. Freddy might have been okay with being eaten by a giant lizard, but Fanny was not. Not at all her ideal was of going out. She had plans for that. Old age as a rich inventor, or with a dramatic bang so no one ever forgot her name or contributions.

Of which she hoped there would be many.

Fanny scowled up at him. "I don't know, dad, maybe because there was a giant, slimy, lizard chasing me!" She'd panicked! The music box going out had never been part of any plan. Fanny would have to take it apart later and figure out why it had failed when she'd needed it most. All the test runs had gone smooth as butter. The thought made her stomach rumble. Buttered scones would have been perfect just then. A some very hot, strong tea.

Maybe a spot of chocolate frog too.

"That's fine, so long as I'm not partnered with Angus. All he does is belch. Disgusting." Fanny was panting. Thighs burning more intensely now that she had to drag her feet out of the mud. This required reaching down to hold tight to her boot top while she yanked her foot free of the muck without losing it.She was lagging behind, Freddy obliviously soldiering on, though the path he cut helped somewhat.

The music box twanged.

"Mince." She groaned behind Freddy's damn. Giving up, Fanny let the mud have her boots and stumbled behind Frederick as fast she could, which wasn't terribly fast. Her legs were half his length, and one of them was being beaten by her music box. Floundering, Fanny let it go, pulling her wand out and setting the noisy thing to float behind her. A few zaps attempting to get it working again.

"Oi!" Fann squealed, her wand jerking to send the music box into the serpent's face as it snapped at her. With a whine, screech, clank and sploing, the bucket came apart against the beast's cheek. So much for putting it to rights later.

England / Re: Administration Frustrations
« on: Apr 24 2019, 09:45 AM »
The woman never looked up. Hands and hands-free quills moving with equal efficiency across the paper work littering her desk. Though Fitz had the feeling litter was not quite the right word for the organized mayhem that surrounded him. He did begin to have an inkling as to why she was underhandedly called an ice bitch, however.

She wouldn’t even look at him. It made him hesitant to address her. Waiting for the usual eye contact to begin, and then giving that idea up, Fitz waited for her to look once he started talking. And he just kept on waiting because she never did. All expressions reserved for her work she never even glanced past his shoes. It was quite nerve wracking.

He very nearly leaned over and stuck his face level with her paperwork just to see if that would get a reaction, but she started talking before he could carry out with that particular idea. And she still didn’t look at him. Fitz scratched his head. ”Yes, miss, I know.” She really was awful. Fitz watched warily as her quill scratched a note out in red ink, trying not to read it, but curious if it was about him.

It was not.

”I can’t do that. It’s against my orders.” He reminded her, staring at the floor with horror. ”I especially can’t leave important, and secret, documents sitting on your floor.” Just right there next to her desk for anyone to riffle through. Fitz was astounded. He’d battled red tape before, but this was like running into a wall. Taking a step back, he gripped the satchel with both hands and tried not to fold it half. Succeeding only in bending it a quarter of the way.

”Maybe you don’t understand, Miss Ashfield.” The words weren’t right, but Fitz could come up with no better. That took too much thinking which took too much time. He needed to speak to the Minister. ”I’ve just come from the backwaters of no where, via the front lines. Fredrick Tobias sent me, the crazy American the Ministry has turned loose with a squad of Mics?” Worst decision ever, as far as Fitz was concerned.

”I need to speak to the Minister, and I can’t just leave my reports lying about.” His cheeks filled with air before deflating, words chasing each other out of his mouth in agitation. The floor!

England / Re: Just a cuppa
« on: Apr 20 2019, 07:35 AM »
Heart beating too hard, Daisy was almost sure he’d kiss her as he leaned. It happened plenty in dark places. The cinema a choice place for many couples to snuggle up close and sneak a few kisses in. But the lights were coming up and everyone would see. Her face hot enough for Daisy to feel embarrassed by it, which only made the blushing worse. She looked anywhere but at his face. Eyes lingering on his lips before sliding away toward the floor.

He didn’t kiss her however, just tucked her hair back for. ”Thank you.” Daisy crinkled the popcorn and dared to look back at him. Close enough that she could pick out the variations of color in his eyes. Elbows tucking tight, Daisy slid out of her seat to escape the proximity, her stomach fluttering like it was full of pixies. Courtney stole a piece from the popcorn box before joining her, their arms looping together casually. ”I’m not. Shifts over, remembering?” With no curl to hide behind, Daisy was forced to be cheeky head on.

Somewhere between the theatre doors and the sidewalk outside their hands ended up linked together again. Daisy’s fingers fitting between his, her thumb tucked between their palms. Looking up at the threatening sky, Daisy breathed in the moist air. Fog was good. Cloud cover questionable, being a double edged sword. ”That would be something.” Daisy smiled at him, popcorn rattling at her side. He was so devilishly handsome, she didn’t care which workplace he meant.

Both would be fascinating. Certainly she’d seen a quidditch pitch before, but never in such company. And she’d never been within yards of a muggle plane. Comfortable against his arm, Daisy let Courtney lead the way, mind drifting toward the movie. ”You know, that house could have easily been an old pureblood mansion.” She mused, thinking of all the whispers and rumors she’d heard in school.

”They all seemed to have some sort of story in their family. Is it the same in France?” She asked, holding the popcorn out to him.

England / Re: Oh Bother
« on: Apr 17 2019, 07:34 PM »
”I’m glad.” A nod tucking his chin toward his throat. Eyes meeting and looking away. Rafferty was unsure if he should actually be glad. Did she see? He hoped so. Having to explain himself would be decidedly uncomfortable. Marigold was not very determined to make him more comfortable. Til death do them part. Rafferty had forgotten. Or not really thought of the depth of their vows. She was his wife now.


”You are quite right.” Time aplenty. It was unlikely they would run out unless she ran off again. Rafferty quite imagined she might. Fear of all knowing aurors or not. Smile dissipating before it ever came close to gracing his lips. She was a very strange girl. Woman. Young lady. With huffing cheeks. Rafferty’s fingers played a few keys across the brim of his hat in answer. Yes. A very long time indeed, even if she did run. Terrifying thought.

”Well.” He almost dared suggest it was her fear of aurors that kept locks from opening for her, but Rafferty had no way of knowing if that were true. Plus it was just ungentlemanly. ”I’ll take care of the lock.” Hopefully. It had been some years. But he remembered the spell. There hadn’t been an locked lock in the dormitory for months after that class. He ushered her from the room, glad to leave the damp behind. Or at least replace it with the damp of the hallway. The noise was louder here. Unmuffled by the door. He waited while she fetched the bag, summoning it to her without word or wand. Rafferty nodded his approval.

”After you.” He held the door, following her into the stairwell and shutting it behind them. It was dim but he didn’t dare summon a light, it would do no favors to the dingy wallpaper and likely draw attention to them. Following her look, he gripped her elbow and lead the way to the landing above. ”How will you know?” He asked, curious. Checking the stairwell, he pulled his wand from the deep pocket of his coat and gave it a careful swish. Voice low as he whispered the incantation to himself. 

The locked opened with a soft click.

”Top marks. Are you ready?” He asked, trying not to dwell on the fact that he was committing a crime. So far marriage was not all what he expected. Opening the door a crack, Rafferty peeked inside before opening it wide enough for Marigold to slip in. He followed her, shutting the door behind them but not locking it. ”Quieter up here.” He observed, glancing at the sleeping landlord. Rafferty made sure the other rooms were clear while searching for her payment.

He had no idea where it was likely to be kept. Or.. ”How much did you even pay for that horrible room?” He asked, squeezing an envelope open and peeking inside.  It took another alohamora on a small lock box before he found it. All neatly put away with a stack of receipts. ”Good man.” He muttered while counting out the correct amount, and taking her receipt as well.

Germany / Re: No ballerinas here
« on: Apr 05 2019, 09:20 PM »
What did that even mean? ”What?!” Fanny shouted in confusion. Weren’t they doing that already? The way her sweater clung uncomfortably to her underarms was a pretty good assurance she had been doing some sort of running. And then there was the sweat smarting in her left eye. Puffing, Fanny wiped her face on her sleeve, a defensive tilt of her wand keeping a piece of campsite from smashing into her. The stool rebounded off her shield and clanged harmlessly away.

No! Fanny didn’t bother answering, however, too busy trying not to die - by serpent or wayward Freddy spell. Obviously if she had been in luck - and Fanny didn’t think luck had anything to do with her device - they would have had a lot more campsite left. Tripping over a pot, Fanny gathered up her music bucket, leaving a trail of ash and dissonant music in her wake. It was hard to get the parts moving again while trying not to be squashed by a giant reptile. Or while worrying her friend was about to get himself fanged. Or worse, bound up by one of his own spells.

”Its not a toy!” Fanny defended hotly. Such insinuations always went right under her skin. Turned her blood to boiling anger. The righteous sort, Fanny was sure. Toys! Her inventions were anything but! Face set in a frustrated scowl, Fanny got the music bucket going again, at long last. The serpent went still all over, entranced by the noise, which sounded a lot less like an angry band of pixies beating a xylophone now that it was working. But still not something Fanny would call appealing.

The snake liked it though.

”Right.” She knew that! She’d just forgotten when the music had gone off pitch and the serpent had decided she was foe instead of friend. Breathing heavily, Fanny inched around the camp until she was alongside Freddy, unconsciously heeding the summons of his fingers. Too many weeks in the wilderness with a person did funny things social constructs.

”What is it, a walk or a waltz?” She joked, swiping her now limp hair out of her face. She didn’t like it sticking to her forehead that way. Make her think of octopus hats. ”Really?” She asked him, eyes wide. ”Are we going to have this discussion now?” She waved her wand at the serpent following them into the marsh. She was beginning to suspect Freddy just couldn’t help himself. ”Besides, if he isn’t slimy now he will be after we cut through this bog, lizard or no.”

To prove her point, Fanny’s boots squelched ominously.

England / Administration Frustrations
« on: Apr 05 2019, 05:46 PM »
He needed off this squad. Running messages for Tobias was almost the last thing Fitz wanted to be doing. The absolute last being sharing the same continent with the man. So he’d come, bearing a sachet of letters for the Minister’s eyes only. Which meant getting in to see the Minister with them. A deed that involved enough red tape to make Fitz want to pull his hair out.

He only he kept trying because he was hoping to have a little heart to heart with their fearless leader. He had a favor to ask. One he thought he was more than ready to receive. His own squad. One far away from that dragon loving maniac. But that meant getting in to see the Minister, and their was an ice queen in his way. Or an ice bitch, as less couth people called her.

Fitz refused to he intimidated.

”Miss Ashfield,” he began, tucking his hat under his arm and swallowing the throat clearing cough trying to work its way up his neck. ”I’ve messages from the front. Minister’s eyes only, you understand.” The corner of his mouth lifted in a wan smile. Francis had been the winsome one. Good at winning over people who didn’t want won over - Fitz included. He’d been especially handy with the women.

Fitz was good with the sort of woman that was ready to be bad. Definitely not the kind that sat behind a desk and looked like that. He tapped the corner of his sachet on the edge of her desk. ”Tobias was very adamant, even for an American.” He defended, hoping whatever animal they were going after next would eat the pond jumper.

Germany / Re: No ballerinas here
« on: Mar 31 2019, 07:38 PM »
Fanny had thought she’d heard him. Her name on the wind while she’d run for her life. Pissed off lizard right behind her. Mow she was sure of it. Her full name making her cringe more than the bruise settling into her shoulder. Coming up on her hands and knees, Fanny spat a leaf out of her mouth and groaned.

”I told you not to call me that!” She shouted, rolling again just in time to avoid a slashing tail. Hopping to her feet, Fanny tripped again, stumbling into a tent. Looking down she realized what the problem was. Her boot had come untied. ”Blast.” She swore. ”Triple blast!” She squealed as the tent collapsed next to her. Dear Freddy was whizzing spells around madman. Americans!

”Why is he waving?” She asked herself before rushing away from the falling tent and the thrashing serpent. Her music bucket was twanging pitifully from the ashy fire pit. She could feel the magic in the cogs whining pitifully. What a mess! And real, actual mess with soot and everything. ”I’m trying!” She shouted, casting frightened glances over her shoulder. He was going to get himself killed!

”Fredrick!” Fanny shouted, swinging the bucket around and clanging it against a tent pole. It gave a wail before winding up to life again. Pulling out her wand, Fanny gave it a swirl and raised the volume. ”Come on! This way you slimy lizard!” Fanny cried, scrabbling over the fallen tent and trying to orient herself. Which was the capture point again?

Germany / No ballerinas here
« on: Mar 31 2019, 07:20 AM »
Fanny had the sneaking suspicion that her pitch was off. She never had been musically inclined, with an inability to carry a note. She should have taken better care with her tuning. She’d heard muggles had special forks for it and everything.

Yes. She was pretty sure that was where she had gone wrong. The horned serpent was not reacting at all like she had planned. Fanny had been intending to lead it farther into the marsh and away from the camp that was setting up too near its usual habitat. Well, it was following her. Just not in a very friendly manner.

Yes. Her sneaking suspicion was a bludgeon now.

Music box - which looked like an old bucket with a sauce pot as a hat - jangling in her hand, Fanny ran. ”Oop, oop, oop!” She panted, dashing up a hill and jumping down into the ditch on the other side. She heard a bush die a slithering death behind her as the serpent crashed through her wake, humming a note that made her spine feel like pudding.

Without meaning too, Fanny lead it right into her camp. Panic driving her away from the original target - a safer place for the serpent - and toward what should have been a safer place for Fanny. ”Look out!” She shouted, jumping a log that had been laid out for seating. She even made the jump, an impressive feat for a witch of her height, but stumbled the landing and ended up rolling into the middle of camp.

Her music box went flying, clanging through the camp with several discordant notes that made the horned serpent give an outraged cry. Or maybe it was a pained one, the noise was awful.

England / Re: Just a cuppa
« on: Mar 30 2019, 11:18 AM »
”That must have been a lark!” Imagine, touring schools. Daisy had never seen another herself, just Hogwarts. ”It also must have been a relief for her shoe budget.” Daisy was dearly fond of her shoe collection. She couldn’t imagine having it picked off by magical explosions. Her cheeks warmed beneath his smile. He had the longest lashes! Daisy found it horribly unfair. And distracting.

The evening was going well, however. His arm was politely comfortable, and he had made no wayward advances. Daisy appreciated his good manners and pleasant nature. And his eyelashes.

”Oh I bet it does.” Daisy had seen a watery picture in the back of a scandal magazine once at Hogwarts. Like most wizarding schools, Beauxbaton’s was secretive despite their prestige. Daisy never had understood the need within the magical community. She’d heard there was another school wandering Europe with no set destination at all. Beside her, Courtney gave a little bounce at her declaration. And Daisy laughed at his.

”Assumes! I think you are mistaken, whatever your confidence.” Her nose was playfully turned up at him. Confidence was so very French! ”Everyone knows Hogwarts is The School.” Daisy corrected with enunciation and a grin. And a blush as he leaned in a little closer. Daisy couldn’t meet his eye but for a minute before she had to look away with a shy laugh.

She watched him through her curl, which had slipped free of her ear. She really ought to have pinned it, Daisy thought. But it made the looking easier and less direct. He all but glowed, almost consumed by his thoughts of flying. Face to the clouds as if they would part and draw him up into the sky. It made Daisy smile, fingers settling in the crook of his elbow. ”Friends and flying.” And a little showing off. Her eyes crinkled happily. ”It sounds nice when you put it that way. You could almost forget about the beaters and bludgers whizzing all over.”

She had been a very staunch supporter of her house team, but beyond that Daisy had not developed an interest in the sport. She was too grounded, she supposed, for flying about on broomsticks. Being a Hufflepuff had been steadying as she discovered a new world that was sometimes frightening. Big and wild. Courtney understood that. The wonder of it. Daisy doubted he’d ever experienced the fear. He was too bold for that, she thought.

”I haven’t.” Hogwarts was the furthest she’d been from home. Paris was a dream for other days. ”Maybe after the war,” she said wistfully, feeling their bodies meet. Hips and thighs brushing before she leaned away a little, fingers sliding in the crease of his arm. She was sure it would take her breath away, and a part of Daisy very much wanted it to be stollen from her body by the wonders of the world. ”I would like to see it though.” It sounded amazing, what little she had heard.

Later days. Tonight was for a movie, the theatre rising up in front of them. She blushed at the title, it sounded rich from his tongue instead of trite. Probably because of the accent. And the soothing way he talk to her, squeezing her gently as he did. ”So I will,” she whispered, throat suddenly tight. Blushing, she ducked her face into the shadow between their bodies and gave herself time to settle while he ordered tickets and popcorn.

The darkness of the theatre was a respite. Daisy felt less on display nestled into a seat at Courtney’s side because of it. Even if they were still on display, side by side in the dark while the film light flickered on over their heads. Daisy watched the advertisements and tips with a smile, but the newsreel ran a shiver down her spine and twisted her stomach. Too loud. Too real. Worse with a soldier sitting next to her. Courtney seemed excited more than anything, which made Daisy worry more.

”That would be a blessing.” And a Christmas Miracle. A few other gentlemen turning agree, their companions casting shy, understanding smiles at Daisy that made her feel worse. Glad when the movie started. Though her gladness waned, leaving Daisy to lean in and squeeze tight to the hand offered her. Confused and terrified in turn, she couldn’t help but pity all the players by the end, face buried against Courtney’s shoulder with a gasp just before the lights rose.

”That poor woman!” She whispered, using the popcorn bag as an excuse to disengage her hand from his now that the darkness had retreated. She brushed a piece of popcorn from his lapel and shook the bag to see how much was left. ”Some for the walk home.” She told him with a smile, cheeks rosy. More comfortable with linking her arm through his now that she knew the feel of his fingers through his. This was easier, with fabric to separate them.

England / Re: Oh Bother
« on: Mar 27 2019, 09:43 AM »
Money conversion. Rafferty paused a moment. That was not the answer he had expected, nor a matter that had crossed his mind. Even when he had crossed the threshold into the muggle abode. ”Neither have I.” There had never been a need, and if there had, there had been someone else to see to it. ”I doubt they would call the Aurors on you for wrong tender. Just the usual police.” Or not rented her a room at all. Rafferty couldn’t be fully certain. Muggles were very strange folk.

”Very uncharitable of them.” The hospital, or this particular healer, Rafferty wondered. Well aware now that there was little love between the two women. It didn’t much matter. He doubted anyone would suggest Esther attend the institution and agreed with Marigold that he was unlikely to be thanked for suggesting it. ”I will do my best to keep the peace then.” At least they were both unlikely to have to spend much more time with the woman. Family affairs always provided the buffer of other people.

Rafferty looked at her. Marigold was looking back at him. Eyes expressive beneath her dark lashes, though he could not decipher the look she gave him. It was not coy, but he did not think she was pleased either. ”I’m glad.” He said in acceptance of her promise. He did dearly hope they never ended up in a place like this again if she was going to have a penchant for running off on a whim. The place was ghastly. Shuddering on the inside, Rafferty turned his attention to her small ohs. Her eyes going all aflutter. He realized too late how his late hour visit might come across.

”There were things I thought we should discuss.” Nerves on both sides to settle. She was very young and he was very unprepared for marriage. It had yet to be a thought in his head. What was he going to do with a bride anyway? Chase her, proved to be the answer so far. At least she wasn’t shouting and bashing him about the head with a pan as he often heard it told. She must not be too upset about being found. Though she did not seem keen to leave with him.

Drawing inna breath, Rafferty pressed his lips closed and tried very hard not to frown at her suggestion. Turning, he opened the door and ushered her out into the hallway. Really! She was cheeky. But also right. It would be best to clean the mess up completely so it wasn’t haunting them and causing trouble later. ”I learned it in school.” And had not used it since. But he thought he could manage. ”Do you still have the handbag? We can drop it off on our way.” Maybe toss it through a window so they didn’t actually have to stop.

England / Re: Just a cuppa
« on: Mar 23 2019, 08:09 AM »
He was right. Daisy did not tell him so, merely smiling and shaking her head in agreement. Mothers! She lived hers dearly but they did like to fuss, and meddle just a little. At least hers did. Her father was more like a bulldog. Staunch and very forward in his intentions and meaning. They made for a good, if somewhat smothering pair. And popular among the neighborhood, which lead to Daisy’s being well known. Though she was liked in her own right.

”The first of any real substance.” He made good company. Friendly to her neighbors without trying to insert himself and thus holding them up. Daisy was afraid he would not understand just how much the old men could get to talking. Worse than old women, who understood a girl wanted to walk out when she was doing so. ”Though afterward my mother blamed me for every flat loaf and fallen soufflé.” Courtney’s sounded much more exciting.

”Your poor mother!” She laughed. ”I hope you did not scorch anything too terribly important. Like a soufflé,” she teased. It made it easier for her to step in close and take the arm he offered her. Noise rising around them from a hush to a dull roar as the street got busier. ”Oh. That is very good, you must have been all prepared for school then.” She turned her face pointedly away from the group of men lounging outside a pub.

Her friendly nature often mislead people. Daisy had learned how to turn away from a crowd. It was much harder to do in person one on one, but she had grown adept at snubbing those with what she felt were ill intentions. It had worked wonders on the bullies at school too. And so they passed unmolested -mostly, the tension leaving Courtney’s shoulders past Daisy’s fingertips. ”Beauxbaton!” She exclaimed, careful not to let her voice carry past the two of them. ”How exciting!

“Hogwarts is the superior school, of course, but I hear its very nice there.”
And very French! But then, so was Courtney, and his mother. And Daisy was honest enough to admit his accent was very much a part of the attraction. And his surprisingly dazzling smile. Even with the men and their vulgarity behind them, Daisy did not release his arm. ”Oh yes! The Sorting Hat always knows where you will fit in best. I would think you would like competition, being a quidditch player?” Daisy had never been particularly competitive, but she was dogged. A true Hufflepuff right through.

”I was in Hufflepuff. It was all very exciting the first year. And after, but that first year!” Daisy turned her smiling face to him. All the wonder of that first magical awakening in her face. She blushed, and tipped her head knowingly at his shoulder without actually resting on it. ”Oh you know what I mean!” Sure that he did because they had both come from a world far removed from the wizarding one.

The marquee shown brightly ahead, Hitchcock’s name catching Daisy’s eye. ”Is that the one? I hope it isn’t too frightening. I hear he is a very strange man.” Her father had called him a demented penguin once when her mother had brought him up.

General Chat / Wand Generators
« on: Mar 17 2019, 08:04 AM »
Because I was feeling lazy and didn't want to read through all the wand lore on Pottermore again.

Seventh Sanctum - Cute because they are generated just like a wand maker is chatting with you.

Springhole - Gives wand suppleness and appearance.

Kid Pub - Use a random number generator, fun if you wand to randomly select magical abilities and inabilities.

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The year is 1940 & the stirring of discontent has become a roar across Europe. Prejudice & social suppression traverses the divide between Wizard & Muggle. Men & women of every walk find themselves forced to one side or another of the multilayered war where right & wrong are not as black & white as some might hope.

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Come join the Mickeys at O:B&B, an 18+ AU Post Fantastic Beasts RP.

The year is 1940 & the stirring of discontent has become a roar across Europe. Prejudice & social suppression traverses the divide between Wizard & Muggle. Men & women of every walk find themselves forced to one side or another of the multilayered war where right & wrong are not as black & white as some might hope.

Soft Opening Event: From cafe waitresses to dragon experts, O:B&B is getting off to a great start. To encourage new characters we are opening 5 wizard subset slots. They will be first come, first serve, but only one available per member. So if you've been dreaming of a part veela, or falcon animagi character get over and get it done!



Carpathia the Smuggler
Expelled from Mahoutokoro, Carpathia left her family behind completely. She has not attempted to contact them, or even much thought about them since leaving. But somewhere out there she has a brother.

Fitz Fitzgerald
Short the brother that was always his boon companion, Fitz has become more stubborn without the person most able to convince him to bend. His remaining sibling, the younger sister Primrose, and his newly formed Mickey squad are the most likely to suffer his overbearing mothering.


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