It Is The Spring Of 1940
March - May Open for Play

Lines are drawn. Wands are at the ready. Everyone must choose a side. The fight to maintain the Statute of Secrecy is not just against Grindlewald and his followers, though. Muggle armies across Europe and Asia are stirring up more than dust and death. Creatures of all sorts are caught in the crossfire. From unicorns to dragons and bowtruckles to dementors. Someone has to dare the front lines to keep the unexplainable unseen. So if you have the moxie to wrangle poxies under enemy fire the Micky's are calling on you.

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A few details about the want ad will go here. What character it is in relation to Fake Name. What plots or what group they are needed in. That sort of thing.

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First Link / Lochland Grove[Jcink]
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We are a Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, radio broadcasts, prompts, and even death. Set in modern day Connecticut, our background plot follows the on-goings of a small town with a murderous past. Whether your character explores it is up to you. Life is about choice - this is your story. Our goal is to provide a place where you will feel comfortable writing it. Come join the fun!
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Link Back / Sufficient Unto the Day
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*18+ historical fiction roleplay set in British India territory. Current site date: April thru May. Small collaborative writing community with member-driven opportunities. No word count. Substantial plots. Very active!*

It is now the summer season for the months of March to June of 1797. While the air heats, wealth of promises linger in the air with spices and incense: Treasure awaits for adventurous souls. Truth is a double-edg’d dagger which handle is only for the hand brave enough to wield it. Prosperity glimmers in pearls and silks, like fine wine of merchants’ cunning. In the City of Destiny, nomads roam, spies watch, secrets are buried, and blood is spilt. Will families be divided or united by the British rule?

Come across the Indian Ocean for the world here is endless.Try your best to not get lost in it.

Wedding Season Part I & II:  April thru June 1797 - A land where the stars foretell of a destined time & hour for a couple to achieve their happily ever after!  Its been said Brahmins have felt the time can be shared by all & sundry, that destinies will be improved to make engagements & weddings during this season where the land wants to give new growth in the wake of prior sadness. However, not every match is made in heaven. Families will join for money. Rumors will spring up across every community. Darkness lurks around every corner ready to strike when no one is looking. Wedding Season 1797 is a guest friendly event. Come participate in threads and influence stories via our Play Now, App Later or Event Only NPC features during the event.
Discord: https://discord.gg/cpgmfH
Getting Started: http://untotheday.jcink.net/index.php?showforum=21
Play Now, App Later & Event Only NPCs: http://untotheday.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=969
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Final Chance Weyr

Home - History - Dragons - Whers - Availability - Advertise

At the start of a long Interval, a virulent disease breaks out among dragonkin. While three of every four infected whers eventually recover, the disease is fatal for dragons and flits without exception. Highly contagious through breath, and able to be transferred among dragonkin by humans too, quarantine is entirely ineffective. It soon becomes clear that dragons will imminently go extinct, and a radical plan is devised to avert this. Three gravid queens will go forward in time, laying there eggs in a time when, it is assumed, the disease will have died out.

As the long Interval draws to a close, a patrol of whers hears a desperate cry for help from three queen dragons - but dragons have been believed extinct for almost 400 Turns. The whers and their handlers arrive to three clutches worth of dragon eggs, but the mother golds are gone, for if they stayed they would surely infect their offspring with the fatal disease. The handlers quickly erect a Weyr around the eggs, scrambling to assemble substantial candidates, and remain to usher in and guide the new generation of dragons.

Now the dragons have hatched, but while some are healthy, there are many abnormalities among them - strange colours, deformities, peculiar congenital illnesses - will these dragons be able to fight Thread, expected in just six Turns’ time? And will Pern accept them?? Across the continent, at Fort Hold, purists smart at the thought of dragons under wher control; what will this discord mean for Pern?

* Follow the revival of the dragon population from scratch
* Five non-canon dragon ranks with more potentially to come
* All female dragonkin able to clutch
* A strong emphasis on wher handlers
* Several high-ranking positions available
* Recent reveal of playable wild whers
* Ranking & clutching positions available in the White Shell Pack
* Site-wide, summer-long plot kicking off in July
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First Link / JACFC: Your favorite character is dead
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Canonless Potter Roleplay ϟ  No Word Count ϟ  Jcink Premium ϟ Active 14+ Years

We solemnly swear that we are up to no good.
First Link / The Seven Kingdoms
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Whether you are heartbroken or relieved at the lack of Game of Thrones episodes to look forward to, Westeros is eager to welcome you again. This time on your terms. Join us and play a part in creating your own adventures in an alternate universe as an entirely new and fresh roster of characters battles for the Iron Throne. The forum encourages creativity while offering a thematic site-based plot to weave into your stories. A writing focused venture with a simple and reliable dice-roll based feature to resolve any in-character conflicts. Think David and Dan, replaced by Dungeons and Dragons.
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Plot ~ Rules ~ Rares ~ Classes ~ Link Back
Germany / Re: No ballerinas here
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"Because its following behind us with intent to eat?" Fanny rejoined. Maybe not at that precise moment, but all it would take was one sour note, or a hiccup of magic, and it would be after them again. Freddy might have been okay with being eaten by a giant lizard, but Fanny was not. Not at all her ideal was of going out. She had plans for that. Old age as a rich inventor, or with a dramatic bang so no one ever forgot her name or contributions.

Of which she hoped there would be many.

Fanny scowled up at him. "I don't know, dad, maybe because there was a giant, slimy, lizard chasing me!" She'd panicked! The music box going out had never been part of any plan. Fanny would have to take it apart later and figure out why it had failed when she'd needed it most. All the test runs had gone smooth as butter. The thought made her stomach rumble. Buttered scones would have been perfect just then. A some very hot, strong tea.

Maybe a spot of chocolate frog too.

"That's fine, so long as I'm not partnered with Angus. All he does is belch. Disgusting." Fanny was panting. Thighs burning more intensely now that she had to drag her feet out of the mud. This required reaching down to hold tight to her boot top while she yanked her foot free of the muck without losing it.She was lagging behind, Freddy obliviously soldiering on, though the path he cut helped somewhat.

The music box twanged.

"Mince." She groaned behind Freddy's damn. Giving up, Fanny let the mud have her boots and stumbled behind Frederick as fast she could, which wasn't terribly fast. Her legs were half his length, and one of them was being beaten by her music box. Floundering, Fanny let it go, pulling her wand out and setting the noisy thing to float behind her. A few zaps attempting to get it working again.

"Oi!" Fann squealed, her wand jerking to send the music box into the serpent's face as it snapped at her. With a whine, screech, clank and sploing, the bucket came apart against the beast's cheek. So much for putting it to rights later.
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