m Fantastic Beasts of the World
It Is The Spring Of 1940
March - May Open for Play

Lines are drawn. Wands are at the ready. Everyone must choose a side. The fight to maintain the Statute of Secrecy is not just against Grindlewald and his followers, though. Muggle armies across Europe and Asia are stirring up more than dust and death. Creatures of all sorts are caught in the crossfire. From unicorns to dragons and bowtruckles to dementors. Someone has to dare the front lines to keep the unexplainable unseen. So if you have the moxie to wrangle poxies under enemy fire the Micky's are calling on you.

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A few details about the want ad will go here. What character it is in relation to Fake Name. What plots or what group they are needed in. That sort of thing.

Fantastic Beasts of the World


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Fantastic Beasts of the World
« on: Nov 25 2018, 11:06 AM »
This is a small selection of the magical & fantastical beasts of the world intended as inspiration. Too see more, please visit Pottermore or Wikipedia where much more comprehensive lists already exist for our entertainment.

The Bowtruckle: Naturally camouflaged, the bowtruckle is a shy & peaceful creature. Found living in groups inside trees, most often in west Engl&, southern Germany & some Sc&inavian forests.

The Billywig: With a sting that causes giddiness & levitation, & wings used in potions once dried, this tiny creature is of great interest & use. Native to Australia.

The Occamy: Found in the far East & India, the occamy is a highly aggressive creature that lays silver eggs. It grows, or shrinks, to fit the space available to it.

The Runespoor: An orange & black three-headed serpent found in the forests of Africa. It is a favored pet among Dark Wizards & Parselmouths. They can grow up to seven feet in length & their eggs are used in potions for mental agility.

The Thunderbird: Found in North America, these birds grow larger than men. They can sense danger & create storms as they fly. Their feathers are often used in w&s

The Zouwu: A monstrously large feline, the Zouwu hails from China & is so fast it can travel 1000 miles in a day. Its long tail appears made up of multicolored ribbons, & magic sparks in its mane.

Dragons: Found all over the word from the Antipodean Opaleye to the Ukrainian Ironbelly, dragons are some of the most dangerous beasts the wizarding, & muggle, world has to contend with. Good luck Mickeys!
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